Nuru Massage

Experience sheer bliss in the heart of Bangkok! All of the Thai masseurs in this page provide an exceptional Bangkok Nuru Massage experience, come and indulge in your fantasies! At Absolute Angels Bangkok we have a wide range of Nuru masseuses, prepared to deliver a Nuru massage that you'll never forget. Choose from our great selection of companions, whether it's females or shemales that you desire we can guarantee that the standard of Nuru massage in Bangkok you receive will be outstanding!

Due to the combination of health benefits, the ability to explore your sexuality and the incredibly sensual nature of Nuru massage; it has become increasingly popular over the last decade and I expect this trend to continue. As more and more people begin to experience Nuru massage as it was intended, more people start to understand the incredible benefits of allowing yourself to let loose in the company of our masseurs in Bangkok.

What is a Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage, also called by some the "body slide", is a special massage technique created by the Japanese to generate a sensual experience which will leave you feeling stimulated, relaxed and revitalised. What makes a Nuru Massage special is that the use of oils are used to cover the bodies of the client and massuese(s); as you can imagine, this makes for a very exciting experience!

Nuru oils tend to be odourless, tasteless and transparent; however, each masseuse has their preferences and some may allow you to choose which oils are used. Nuru gel itself is quite a special substance as it doesn't dry easily which means that you can stay wet for a long time and truly enjoy your session without repetative application of the gel. Thailand Nuru massage aims to provide clients with a slippery and sensual experience, as masseurs slide themselves across your body and stimulate every part of you.

Thai Nuru Massage provides the perfect combination of relaxation and sexual stimulation; allowing you to let loose of your inhibitions, whilst in the company of our sexy Thai masseurs. The only thing better than booking a Nuru massage with one of our Bangkok masseurs is booking a Nuru massage with two of our Bangkok masseurs! Imagine two sexy, naked and petite masseurs touching every part of you, providing you with the ultimate and unforgettable pleasures of Bangkok!

Health Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru gel, also known as Nuru oil, is created from brown seaweed leaves and often has many minerals added to the ingredients to add to the health benefits of the oil. The health benefits of booking a Nuru massage in Thailand include: 

  • Stress relief 
  • Relieves muscular pains/aches 
  • Natural Anti Oxidants found in the gel help to protect body from free radicals
  • Helps to boost digestive and immune systems 
  • Improves circulation 
  • Helps to clear fat deposits and cellulite 
  • Vitamins/Nutrients in gel hydrate skin and promote elasticity. 

Preparing the Atmosphere

Thai Nuru massage is aimed at increasing your sensory experience so that every touch increases in intensity as the massage continues. The sensations you will experience will change everything you about knew your body and what it is capable of. To aid in increasing the intensity of this experience, preparing the perfect atmosphere is essential.

Whilst most massage parlours will have an atmosphere set-up already, our outcall Bangkok nuru massage girls are much more adaptive and booking with Absolute Angels Bangkok ensures that you can have the perfect atmosphere, wherever it may be that you are staying. Moreover, with the addition of scented candles, music and the perfect lighting, your hotel room can quickly turn in to the perfect location for your Nuru experience!

Preparing the atmosphere for your Nuru massage will help you to make the most of this sensory-enhancing massage. Once you start to unwind you will notice your capacity for sensuality and intimacy increase. You will feel every part of your body start to become aroused in a new, holistic way which will only serve to increase the anticipation for your eventual climax. Experience the best Nuru massage Thailand has to offer, only here at Absolute Angels Bangkok!

How to Book a Bangkok Nuru Massage

Book the best Nuru Massage Bangkok has to offer today at Absolute Angels Bangkok! Booking a Nuru massage in Bangkok is simple, straightforward and unforgettable. Once you feel the Nuru masseur caress your body with her hands, feet, breasts, butt, and more, you'll never want it to stop! If you still have any questions about Nuru massage, Absolute Angels Bangkok, or our Bangkok masseurs, make sure to get in touch!

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