Prostate Massage

Thai Prostate massage is one method of stimulating a male's prostate gland. This is possibly the most erotic sensation a male can experience and if you're still yet to do so then you're yet to live!

Below I will inform you on what a prostate massage was originally used for, how it is used today and the method in which it is carried out. It's important to read this before booking if this is your first time experiencing a Prostate Massage; with this being said, there's nothing to be worried about... you have the most intense sexual pleasure to look forward to!

Medicial Applications of Prostate Massage and Modern Day Prostate Massage in Thailand

The ancient art of prostate massage has been used over the generations for sexual stimulation and medicinal "healing" purposes, such as the treatment of "prostatitis". With this being said, studies have been done in recent years and it turns out that there is little evidence to support that this is actually a valid remedy for prostatitis.

The main purpose of prostate massage is sexual stimulation and with good reason; the prostate gland is one of the most important parts of a males sexuality. This gland is necessary in the production of semen, and as it is located near the rectal wall, anal stimulation can be used to give males an orgasm. Because of this, the prostate gland has been dubbed the male equivalent of a "G-spot".

Achieving an Orgasm via Prostate Massage

Achieving an orgasm may not be a problem for you, however achieving a prostate orgasm is absolutely mind-blowing and can only be comparible to the female g-spot orgasm. An anal orgasm is very powerful and is a lot more intense than the standard penile orgasm which you may be used to. If you've never tried this or have never managed to achieve an orgasm via prostate stimulation by yourself, a booking with one of our exclusive prostate masseurs in Bangkok may be the perfect solution for you.

Prostate massage doesn't come without risks however, this practice takes a lot of skill, patience and sensuality. You must be very in-tune with your body must be careful not to hurt yourself when performing prostate massage as injuries are possible. This is why booking with a professional masseur at Absolute Angels Bangkok can help to both ensure that you achieve an orgasm, and do so safely!

Your First Time with Bangkok Prostate Masseurs

Your first time enjoying a prostate massage may make you nervous but don't be. Remember that at Absolute Angels Bangkok you are booking with a professional who is incredibly talented at prostate massage. You have nothing to worry about at all, simply look forward to your booking, the beautiful masseuse you will meet and the mind-blowing orgasm you will have!

Some men think that anal stimulation is simply for homosexuals, this is simply not true. The prostate gland for a start, is inside every man, and feels enjoyable to any man when stimulated. Moreover, anal stimulation does not impact your sexual preferences in regards to whether you want to be with a male or female... hence why so many guys love 'pegging' from females! 

Anal Sex Toys and Prostate Stimulation

Prostate massage is performed in three main ways, depending on who is involved. You can achieve prostate stimulation through anal intercourse, the use of a prostate massage or by using fingers. Depending on which masseur you book with, any of these are a possibility, please contact us if you have a preference!

The range of prostate toys available is actually quite impressive and includes prostate vibrators, anal dildos, butt-plugs, prostate massagers and much more. This practice is very common both for single men and couples! Working out what you like may take a little bit of time, but that's why you came here right... to explore you sexuality in a safe environment with a talented masseur! 

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If you're interested in our Bangkok prostate massage services, make sure to book with us today. Alternatively if you have any questions, call us up and enquire! Our team will be more than happy to help with any requests you may have to ensure that your experience of prostate massage in Bangkok is nothing less than phenomenal. If you have decided that prostate massage isn't for you, visit our special massage page to see what other massages may take your fancy, our professional masseurs are extremely talented!

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