Soapy Massage

Welcome to the Absolute Angels Bangkok Soapy Massage gallery! All of the Thai masseurs on this page provide an outstanding Soapy Massage service which will leave you feeling exhilarated, invigorated, and rewarded by your decision to book with Absolute Angels Bangkok.

Thailand Soapy Massage is one of the most popular types of special massage due to the amount of sexual energy and intimacy generated throughout this process. If you want to explore your sexuality, improve your awareness and have one of the best experiences of your life, a soapy massage is definitely one to tick off your list.

At Absolute Angels Bangkok we represent some of the most talented and beautiful soapy massage Bangkok girls, come and indulge in the ultimate therapy; relax your muscles, mind and soul. Feel the skin of your masseur glide across you and experience the sensation of pure bliss as her wet body titillates yours in the relaxation of your own home or hotel room.

The Benefits of Booking Outcall Soapy Massage Girls in Bangkok

When booking a Soapy Massage in Bangkok, guests have the opportunity to book from either an agency like ours or with a massage house in Bangkok. The benefits of booking an outcall masseur with Absolute Angels Bangkok are endless; however here are just a few:

  • For those with less confidence, the option to book a soapy massage via bookings form or telephone may be less intimidating than speaking to a 'Mamasan' in person.
  • You can choose which masseur you want to book in the comfort of your own space, instead of having to choose from a "line-up" whilst being watched.
  • By booking in advance you can guarantee that you are able to spend time with your favourite masseur When booking outcall Bangkok Soapy Massage girls you are able to meet them in the comfort of your hotel room which is usually a more relaxing atmosphere than a massage house.
  • You can discuss with our operators which services our girls will perform before making your booking to ensure that you select the right massage girl.

Health Benefits of a Soapy Massage

Like most massages, the soapy massage has a whole host of health benefits and can be used in conjunction with other treatments to aleviate numerous symptoms. Some of the health benefits of booking a Soapy Massage in Thailand include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Skin elasticity is enhanced
  • Skin colour and smoothness are enhaced

The Soapy Massage Experience

The Soapy Massage experience varies depending on where you are choosing to book your massage, which masseur you are choosing to book, how much time you have booked for and which services you have requested when booking your companion.

At Absolute Angels Bangkok our outcall Soapy Massage girls will meet you at your home or hotel to deliver the massage which you have requested. Remember, you can always book more than one Bangkok Soapy Massage girl to enhance your experience; we have had plenty of outstanding feedback when our duo soapy massage girls have been booked in the past!

Once our model(s) arrive at your accommodation, they will introduce themselves - expect our models to be very welcoming, and remember; they love a gentlemen who treats them with respect!

A Thai Soapy Massage usually starts with 'The Bath'. Watch your beautiful masseur undress and uncover her flawless body, before undressing you. She will lead you to a bath and bathe you, cleaning your body thoroughly ALL OVER. Now the masseur will bathe herself, watch the water and bubbles drip off of her sexy body as she begins to tease you and writhe against you.

After this your masseur will lead you somewhere more comfortable, in massage parlours this is usually an air mattress, however because you have booked an outcall massage girl you can most likely look forward to something similar instead, depending on who you have booked and where they are meeting you.

Now you can look forward to your Soapy Massage experience. A bucket of foam will be made in a tub with soap or shampoo, depending on the preference of the masseur. She will now make you lie on your stomach and pour the warm foam all over your body.... this is where things get exciting. Your masseur will now use her petite, sexy and naked Thai body to massage you. Feel her writhe up and down as she relaxes your muscles and excites your sexuality by using her body as the tool for your pleasure.

Feel your Soapy Masseur as she then turns you around and continues to slip her wet and soapy body across you. She will focus on where you need the relaxation the most so if you have any requests make them known so that she can better enhance your pleasure. One benefit of the Soapy Massage is that no spot of your body is missed out, even your sides and center will be focused on by the masseur. The feeling of your masseur grinding and slithering her way up your body is one of the most sensual feelings you will experience!

After the massage if finished there is usually another shower where you can look forward to our naughty Thai girls playing with you as you clean your soap off before you make your way to the bedroom. Depending on which girl you have booked you will be able to make special requests and of these can be that your massage is finished with a full service or oral stimulation. Choose your explosive happy ending and release your built up energy!

Also known as the bathing ritual or Thai bath massage; the Soapy Massage is known as one of the most sensual massages available to punters and you can always expect your experience to be as exciting in the moment as it is memorable. Once you have had your first soapy massage experience with our talented and beautiful masseurs, I'm sure that you'll look back on your memory as a special one and come back for more; after all, it's not often you get a chance like this! Book the best Soapy massage Thailand has to offer, only here at Absolute Angels Bangkok!

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