14 March 2019

10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

New York City might be the official owner of the nickname, “The City that Never Sleeps,” but Bangkok has quickly proved itself to be just as much of an all-night party spot. This cosmopolitan city is home to a constantly growing number of hip nightclubs, offering something for everyone no matter what your nightlife style may be. If you’re planning to visit Bangkok, there’s no doubt you’ll find endless activities and local landmarks to add to your daily travel itinerary – but don’t forget to plan for your nights too.

Here, you’ll have your pick of a nearly limitless number of nightclubs that keep the party going until dawn, so we’ve rounded up our top ten picks for the best nightclubs in Bangkok. These are the hotspots you won’t want to miss, the ones that are guaranteed to give you late-night memories you’ll enjoy for years to come:


  1. Onyx is located on Royal City Avenue, enjoying serious star status as the only Bangkok nightclub to earn a spot on DJ Mag’s list of the best clubs in the world. Foreigners and locals alike get together to party to the biggest electronic dance music hits, with the bass-heavy music fueling the crowds on the massive dance floor. With a huge dance floor, confetti drops, LED light shows, and a high-tech DJ set-up and backdrop, Onyx is a can’t-miss fixture of Bangkok nightlife.

  2. Sing Sing Theater sets itself apart with fantastical interior décor and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, featuring hundreds of hanging lanterns, intricate ironwork, and plenty of Eastern-inspired accents. The highlight of this club is its “Muses,” beautiful girls dressed in the style of Chinese Qipao, who provide plenty of entertainment and eye candy. Sing Sing Theater achieves the perfect balance of flirty fun and upscale sophistication, making it popular with stylish expats, in-the-know tourists, and trendy locals alike.

  3. Levels Club and Lounge is a fairly new arrival to the nightlife scene, but it’s earned major attention for its ability to cater to Western-style tastes with bikini-clad models and a laidback vibe. Explore different music genres in the two club rooms and rooftop lounge, changing it up to keep your night exciting and fun.

  4. Route 66 is another Royal City Avenue favorite, attracting a young, sexy crowd of Thai locals with its Thai-style approach to nightclub partying. The best way to enjoy Route 66 is to snag your bottle of choice and set up a home base table for the night, moving through the club’s three different rooms whenever you want a change of scenery. You’ll find that the hip-hop room is by far the most popular, but you can also enjoy trance and live music if that better suits your style.

  5. Glow is pretty compact as far as popular club spots go, but it’s a favorite for fans of the underground music scene. It’s one of the only clubs that plays host to the underground music scene, so don’t be surprised to see big-name DJs like Dubway and Felix Moreno make appearances here. It’s a two-level club, but sticking on the dance floor level ensures you’ll be part of all the action.

  6. Insanity is one of Bangkok’s largest nightclubs, offers a party experience on par with clubs in Las Vegas, Ibiza, Tokyo, and other popular cities. With patronage that’s a mix of beautiful Thai women and visiting foreigners, Insanity is a great spot to enjoy an adventurous night on the town. The music is a mix of EDM, house, and hip hop, keeping the dance floor moving and attracting a number of famous DJs.

  7. Beam has earned popularity with its incomparable sound system, which makes the most of techno, minimal house, and EDM music. You’ll feel the music as much as you’ll hear it, with the playlist featuring many of the deep cut favorites rather than chart-toppers. The LED light and laser show adds an additional element of fun, while a downstairs hip-hop room offers a laidback scene and friendly vibe.

  8. Demo (and sister business Funky Villa) is situated on Thong Lor Street, widely considered the “high society” row of Bangkok. This trendy nightclub is usually packed with the young, beautiful, and stylish, ranging from successful professionals to moneyed socialites. The upscale cocktail menu is sure to satisfy even the most refined tastes, raising the bar and outdoing many other clubs’ basic drink list.

  9. Live RCA is another hot club on the party-centric Royal City Avenue, a fairly new addition to the list of Bangkok party spots. Every night is a different scene at Live RCA, thanks to the ever-changing collection of live performers and music genres. Here, you’ll see your fair share of internationally-acclaimed DJs, who fuel the all-night party with impressive live music, a great sound system, and stunning LED light shows.

  10. Ce La Vi is another nightlife favorite that switches things up depending on the night, hosting weekly events like Ladies Night, Bass Saturdays, and more. The club’s view is incredible, taking patrons 39 floors up to a rooftop deck for a stunning look at the city below. You’ll want to dress to impress because the crowd at Ce La Vi is full of trendy, gorgeous expats, tourists, and Thais alike.


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