17 June 2018

5 Free Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

5 Free Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok hasn't won world's best city four times for no reason. From its incredible street food, it's intense and amazing atmosphere of a bustling busy city, the radiant nightlife and let's not forget some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you're planning a trip to Bangkok it may seem a little daunting with the opportunity to explore so much, eat all you can and party all you want, where do you start? Will it be expensive?

Well, we've got you covered. We don't have you covered financially, but we can help you by taking you through a short list of 10 free things to check out while you're in Bangkok.

Stall At The Market

Have you ever walked through a market stall and been through as many shops as you can and still not found exactly what you were looking for? Well at Bangkok's Chatuchak weekend market everything is for sale. You can simply window shop and marvel at the spectacular sight before you with this market stall selling everything from souvenirs, custom-made goods, designer brands, electronics, vintage clothing and even animals. Take a stroll through the corridors packed with busy little shops and experience Bangkok shopping at it's finest. 


Follow Your Art 

Once you're done going through the market stall and wrapping your head around the fact they sell so many different things within proximity of each other, head on over to Bangkok's Art & Culture centre where especially if you're an art lover, you will appreciate the galleries hosting contemporary art in a modern setting. The building is also filled with shops, coffee lounges and boutiques as well as hosting artwork from Thailand's best and famous artists from around the world. 

Enjoy Sun Shrine 

Art is fun, but if you want to experience Bangkok's spiritual and ritualistic side, the Erawan Shrine on display in the centre of the citie's main shopping district is the perfect place to visit. A busy, impressive and calm site filled with people observing and others taking part in their offerings to Erawan. People light incense, offer their prayers and even hire dancers to accompany them while they pray as is a tradition. The religious episode on display is a uniquely compassionate event of Hinduism and Buddhism showing the connection of two religions honouring and respecting each other's beliefs and practices. 

Picture Perfect 

Bangkok prides itself on art which is evident through the magnitude of its city bustling with evidently creative fixes of architecture and colour. Local talent is often showcased and Bangkok takes pride in its design in every aspect. Up a narrow flight of stairs is Bangkok's dedication to its local talent in the neighbourhood of Ekkamai. House of Lucie's free exhibition showcases Thailand's local and brightest artists and hosts a gallery of the best photographers over the last century. If you have any interest in photography, art or are just looking for a quiet escape from the busy city then Ekkamai is the perfect sleepy town.

When Nature Calls

Like we mentioned, Bangkok is a pretty busy place and if you're in the middle of it all it can seem quite intense which is why many of the locals also look for an escape and have found it one of Thailands biggest parks, Lumphini Park. This get-away from the city is ironically placed in the centre and is an equivalent to New York's famous Central Park. Lawns regularly tended too, beautiful nature, an artificial lake complete with romantic swan boats, plenty of green space to sit and free exercise classes you can simply join and take part in. The park is a perfect place to sit and watch the locals while you enjoy the sun or a nice relaxing picnic away from the city. 





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