18 June 2018

5 Free Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand Part 2

5 Free Things To Do In Bangkok Part 2

In our last blog we talked about how wonderful Bangkok is an all the great things you can do there for free but because Bangkok is the incredible city it is, we couldn't just stop there, so we figured we would take you through a short list of five more incredible free things you can do while in Bangkok. So without prolonging this, any further let's start with:

India town

We often hear of Chinatown in other major cities through movies and television such as London's China Town or New York's but in Bangkok, you can visit India Town. The town sits next to Bangkok's China Town and is a community of Indian restaurants, clothing and beautiful Indian dessert. The Sri Mariamman is a wonder all in itself, a Hindu Temple draped in ridiculously bright colours and the 6m tall tower boasts 100's of carved out figures of deities. 

Slaughter House

Not everyone may have the stomach for this but if you're at all interested in where the city is alive in the wee hours of the morning and where all the delicious street food is from visiting Bangkok's largest wet market called the "Or Tor Kor Market" to find out where all your favourite street cooks purchase there beautifully fresh ingredients. The smells aren't very flattering as you can imagine with all the fresh fish around but you can be amazed at the range of animals available for purchase from fish, live insects to sheep heads and chickens waiting to be slaughtered. 

Warehouse 30

If you are looking for something a little less edgy than a slaughterhouse and a little more cool you should definitely check out Warehouse 30 which is a collection of contemporary cafe's, shops, lectures, exhibitions and more artistic endeavours. In warehouse 30 you can find the latest pieces from Thai designers as well as antique Asian artefacts as old as 2000 years old. 

Flower Market

After the smell of dead animals and converted warehouses you probably want to treat your nose to something a little more pleasant so why not visit the Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market where the scenery is literally picture perfect and the flowers are for sale. Flowers in Thailand are often given as religious offerings or a mark of respect and here the flowers which fill up trash bags are in the plenty so purchase yourself some of Bangkok's freshness and take a picture in another colourful sight in Bangkok.​

China Town

We started with India Town so let's end it with China Town. Keeping the spirit of both Bangkok's native nature and China's infamous vibrancy China Town offers a collection of beautiful street food, busy alleyways, herbal medicines and clothing. Traditional Chinese food is cooked out in the open and China Town, like China itself is popular here for its nightlife where the energy is catapulted, the crowds accumulate on the street and the shop signs are all illuminated in neon. Don't miss the wonderful experience that is China Town.

So there we have it, yet ANOTHER list proving why Bangkok rightfully deserved to win the world's best city on more than one occasion. 

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