21 June 2018

A Day in Bangkok, Thailand

A Day In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most impressive cities in the world and is known for more than one thing. As well as it's incredibly busy vibe and bustling nightlife Bangkok is known for it's traditional street food where some of its chefs have been awarded Michelin stars and the city has won the world's best city four years in total and for two consecutive years, so frankly, we don't need to tell you how great Bangkok is, but we're going to anyway.

Bangkok has some of the best food and best tourist attractions but it also has some of the most beautiful women you'll ever see. If you ever find yourself in Bangkok then no doubt you will have to get yourself a Thailand bombshell and experience the city with her, the way it should be experienced. If you're going to experience Bangkok, experience all of it. 

Now that you've booked yourself your dream girl from Absolute Angels Bangkok you can now explore the city and impress your beautiful date with what you know about Bangkok. So let's talk about what you could do in one day in Thailand.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a popular tourist attraction and it's not difficult to see why. When you get to Wat pho take a stroll with your gorgeous escort around the courtyard and marvel at the beautiful sights before you. The courtyard has a staggering 91 impressive stupas to marvel at which are beautifully decorated with ceramic pottery flowers and beautiful shiny and amazingly colourful tiles. 

Once you are done seeing Wat Pho's brilliant collection of stupas you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that Wat Pho is also Thailand's headquarter for both traditional Thailand medicine and Thai massages which are also available at Wat Pho so make sure when you arrive to book yourself in but do that early or book yourself in and explore the sights a little as there can be somewhat of a long waiting list for the massages. 

Wat Pho also contains four beautiful chappels which hold an astounding 394 Buddha images and a long line of golden Buddhas sitting in the famous lotus position.


If Wat Pho doesn't sound impressive or enticing enough maybe the leaning Buddha could convince you to visit Wat Pho. It's one of the main reasons many tourists come to this site. The leaning Buddha, laying on his side is 46 m long and 15m high and completely golden with gold leaves and mother-of-pearl ornaments decorated all the way around her feet. The Buddha is said to represent Nirvana which represents Buddha's death. 

Wat Pho is open to tourists every day from 8 am to 5 pm and the Thai massages are available until 6 pm. 

Temple of Dawn 

Now that you've seen all the impressive sights Wat Pho has to offer and you've marvelled at the amazing leaning Buddha and I'm sure you're now relaxed from a wonderful Thai massage, what to impress your gorgeous date with next?

Well if you cross the river from the No.8 Tha Tien to the Wat Arun Pier you can visit the Temple of Dawn. You would have already seen this temple and maybe even gawped at it on the way to Wat Pho as it is pretty unmissable which it's huge temple features seemingly reaching the sky. Just looking at the temple it becomes evident this is a marvellous feet of architectural engineering. When you get to the temple and explore its incredible sights you will reach the central tower.

 A feature which climbs high through the temple and at top Thailand is visible in all its glory. If you want a picturesque view perfect for a romantic moment with your gorgeous date, don't miss the opportunity to see Thailand from the top of this temple, but it does close before nightfall so don't leave it too late. Even though the temple closes at nightfall it's worth seeing it, even from a distance during the dark sky as the brightly lit temple sparkles in the moonlight. 


I'm sure you're probably starving by now and want a bite to eat from a traditional authentic Thai place so hop back on your ferry now and take it to No.6 Memorial Bridge and get yourself down to the Samai restaurant. Open from 5 pm until midnight Samai offers what locals say is some of the best Pad Thai you're going to find in Bangkok and the restaurant is open all evening from 5 pm till Midnight. ​

4D / Imax

How about a nice movie date to end your day? Bangkok has some impressive cinemas and if you've never experienced either 4D cinemas or an Imax you are in for a treat. Seek out the Paragon Shopping mall and take the escalator to the fifth floor where both 4D and Imax are cinemas are available showing the latest Hollywood movies but be sure to stand up out of respect during a tribute to Thailand's King which is played before every film! 

So there we have it, a list of activities to sink your teeth into in Bangkok for a day with a beautiful Bangkok escort. Tour, roam, taste, experience and most of all, enjoy yourself. 


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