28 April 2018

A Guide to Nightlife in Beijing

Beijing Nightlife

Beijing is filled with amazing tourist attractions, including museums, parks, and historical monuments. However, some travelers struggle to find things to do at night in Beijing. No one wants to go back to their hotel and stay in for the night once the sun sets, not with the amazing nightlife experiences that await you in Beijing. If you are booking a trip to China and are wondering where to go at night in Beijing, take a look at the suggestions below.


Hutong Bars

Hutongs are the narrow streets and alleys that old Beijing is famous for. They are also where you can find tons of small, local bars with plenty of character. While they aren’t the easiest bars in Beijing to spot from the outside, they are among the best in the city. The bars tend to have heavy wooden doors with plenty of music and laughter behind them. You can easily find a Hutong bar to match your style, with options like karaoke bars, Tiki bars, and even bars that offer country and open-mic nights.

The Tiki Bungalow is a popular choice for locals and tourists, and it is the only Tiki bar in the city. It features everything from tiki masks and glass floats to bamboo fixtures. Another popular choice is 4corners, which is as diverse as a bar can get. They host everything from open mic nights to pub trivia evenings.



Tourists looking for some of the best restaurants in Beijing may not consider visiting one of the city’s many microbreweries, but they should. The microbrewing trend has hit China, like the rest of the world, and left behind a ton of delicious options for families and beer enthusiasts alike. Many of these breweries offer full-scale family dining until about 9pm, when they switch over to an adult-only pub, offering light snacks and delicious beer.


Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub is a fantastic choice for those looking to visit a microbrewery with delicious food. Tourists and locals have claimed that they serve the best burgers in Beijing, along with a full menu of pub food. Jing A Brewing Taproom is another popular brewery for tourists and locals. While they do not have as robust a menu, there is a beer for every taste, including Pumpkin Monster Mash and Watermelon Xanadu.


Live Music

For most people, the top nightlife in Beijing contains live music. The city is filled with a thriving musical scene, featuring bands of all musical types including rock, pop, and country. Look for a bar that features new acts as well as old favorites to get a true feel for the city’s scene. The type of venue largely depends on the style of the band you want to see, with rock acts typically seen at more upscale bars and experimental or indie acts at older locations.


School Live Bar hosts the best rock bands to come to Beijing, while also promoting new local acts. Visitors are sure to get an amazing live show no matter what band is playing. The bar features bands almost every night of the week, guaranteeing an entertaining evening. Guests of Fruityspace can enjoy more experimental and indie acts.


Beijing also has a large and thriving jazz scene, with numerous clubs strictly dedicated to this genre. Visitors can enjoy acts of all types, as large bands and small up-and-comers alike tend to tour through the area. Be sure you get your seat early, as these shows fill up fast. The Chinese locals love their jazz, and many tourists pop in as well.


Dance Clubs

Sometimes, you just want to move. Beijing has a ton of dance clubs that are perfect for your next night on the town. Tourists should head to Beijing’s Gongti area, which houses some of the top clubs in Beijing. Many clubs bring in top DJs from around the world, while also hosting evenings meant to promote local up and coming acts. If you need to move and are wondering what to do at night in Beijing, a quick trip to the Gongti can easily solve that problem.


Elements is the top club for tourists and locals, seeing guests from across Asia. It frequently hosts internationally renowned DJs and some of the biggest EDM stars. Modo Ultra Club is another great dance club, bringing in top DJs from across the country on one of China’s best-designed stages. While the club is still relatively new, its popularity is only growing.



Karaoke has been a vital part of China’s nightlife scene for generations, and it is not going away any time soon. As a result, you can easily find karaoke any night of the week in Beijing. Some bars are strictly dedicated to the art, while others host weekly events. Ask around as you explore the rest of Beijing’s nightlife to find out which spots near you tend to host karaoke events.


The Xi Cheng district is the perfect place to go if you are itching to belt out some tunes as soon as possible. Cashbox Party World is one of the area’s best offerings, as it has a healthy mix of locals and tourists and hosts karaoke each evening. Tangguo is another great option, known for its friendly service, fantastic sound, and laid-back atmosphere.


If you are wondering what to do at night in Beijing, there are no shortage of options available to you. From fine dining to karaoke to visiting the best clubs in Beijing, there is something for every traveler. While the list above is by no means complete, it does contain some of the must-see nightlife attractions. Consider talking to your travel agent or hotel staff to find the best nightlife in Beijing for you.

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