16 January 2019

Things to Do in Beijing in 2019

Things to do in Beijing in 2019

Top 10 Attractions & Things to Do in Beijing in 2019 and Why You Don't Want to Experience Beijing Alone


Beijing is a sprawling, metropolitan city known for its vibrant culture, numerous ancient sites, incredible cuisine, and welcoming locals. Covering several thousand square miles and home to more than 21 million people, this capital city is an exciting place to visit – but putting together your travel itinerary can be overwhelming if you don’t do your research. With so much to see and do in Beijing, there are a handful of attractions that stand out above the rest. And, many of these top destinations are located within close proximity, making it easy to experience Beijing’s highlights, even if you’re here for a short time.


If you’re planning a trip in 2019, here are the top 10 things to do in Beijing that you should add to your must-do list:


Tour the Great Wall of China


China’s Great Wall is a world-famous landmark that stretches more than 5,000 miles, drawing millions of tourists every year. You can visit the Badaling section just an hour from Beijing, where you’ll find a large souvenir market and a convenient gondola to transport you up and down the wall.


Stand in Tiananmen Square


Tiananmen Square is among Beijing’s most famous landmarks, serving as the city’s political, tourist, and geographical center. It’s free to visit the square itself, and the recognizable setting is the perfect Beijing photo op. Plus, you can also easily access the many surrounding tourist attractions within walking distance.


Explore the Forbidden City


China’s Forbidden City has been a location shrouded in mystery for more than five centuries, with a wondrous collection of gardens, temples, pavilions, squares and more. Give yourself plenty of time to stroll through the nearly endless labyrinth of sights, including the Imperial Garden and the Meridian Gate.


Shop Like a Local in Nanlouguxiang


This Beijing neighborhood has avoided much of the commercialization that’s fallen on other areas of the city, making it a great place to get an authentic local experience. There are countless boutiques and vendor booths in Nanlouguxiang where you can find one-of-a-kind keepsakes to remind you of your travels.


Retreat to the Summer Palace


The Summer Palace is a peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of Beijing, where emperors of years past would enjoy much-needed relaxation. Here, you can visit China’s largest imperial garden and enjoy incredible views from the Seventeen-Arch Bridge.


Spend the Afternoon in the Dashanzi Art District


The booming art scene in Beijing has nurtured the growth of this vibrant arts district, where you can experience unique architecture and a variety of artist studios. Be sure to check out the 798 Space, a reimagined warehouse space that now houses hip galleries, bars, and restaurants.


Walk Along the Sacred Way and See the Ming Tombs


Stretching about four miles in length, the Sacred Way is an incredibly scenic path that’s home to a collection of ancient emperor tombs. Three of the 13 Ming Dynasty tombs have been unearthed and placed along the pathway for visitors to explore.


See Olympic Park at Twilight


The 2008 Olympics were a thrilling time for the city of Beijing, which hosted the games at its ultra-modern Olympic Park. Today, the park and its structures are mainly for public use, and the best time to visit is during sunset when everything glows and the lights come on.


Take a Chinese Cooking Class


There’s no doubt that Beijing is home to some of the most unique and delicious cuisine in the world, so why not learn how to make a few dishes yourself? Enroll in a cooking class where you’ll be able to prepare – and eat – a handful of the city’s most famous dishes. You’ll be able to bring a small piece of Beijing home with you in the form of your new culinary skills.


See the City by Rickshaw


If you really want to experience the thrill of the city up-close, take a tour on one of its many rickshaws. Many local companies offer well-planned tours throughout the city’s busy streets, with the rickshaw being a fun, charming way to get around the many narrow alleyways and winding passages. 


How to Make the Most of Your Time in Beijing

Instead of touring the city alone, enhance your travels by choosing a travel companion for your time in Beijing. Not only will you get to enjoy a sense of companionship while you explore Beijing, but you’ll have a special someone to share in the experience. You’ll be able to talk about the sights you’re seeing, enjoy conversations about the city’s many cultural highlights, and trade bites of the delicious foods found throughout Beijing.

Plus, traveling with a companion that’s local to the area means you’ll get to see the city in a new light, taking your experience from that of a tourist to one of a true insider. Imagine being able to discover Beijing’s best-kept secrets, from locals’ favorite eateries to exclusive nightlife destinations and everything in between – that’s what you’ll have to look forward to when you hire the right travel companion.


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