23 May 2015

Bangkok BTS Sky Train

If you did not know, in Bangkok taxi drivers are not required to take you where you want to go. The choice is up to them if they want to accept you into their taxi. It is always best to tell the driver where you want to go before getting into their taxi so you do not waste your time.


DO NOT use a Tuk Tuk. They are fun to use one time in your life to say you did it but a Tuk Tuk is more expansive then a taxi or motor bike taxi and are hot and you sit in traffic breathing exhaust fumes for your ride. Using the BTS Sky Train is a GREAT and affordable way to travel. You can also get a 1 Day or greater discounted BTS Sky Train pass. The Sky Train can take you too many areas in Bangkok and is faster than taking a taxi.



We recommend getting a: “30 Day Adult SmartPass” for 25 trips (use within 30 days), 23 baht per trip, unlimited distance, it costs 575 Thai baht. (A great and cheap way to travel. Many Thai people use this so it can get a little crowed during rush hour)



Website: http://bangkok.sawadee.com/skytrain.htm


Website: http://www.bangkok.com/bts

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