06 March 2021

Demystifying How Escorts Set Their Prices

Demystifying How Escorts Set Their Prices

Are you new to escort services? Or perhaps you’re simply curious and want to pull back the curtains? A lot of people wonder how much Thai escorts charge for different things like hand jobs, blowjobs, regular sex, anal sex or even threesomes. Do they charge extra to let you cum on their face? What if you want them to swallow? Or what if you have a fetish for feet? How much for a foot job? What if you just want a nice massage with a happy ending? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

For better or worse, the escort industry is rather opaque and many consenting adults end up having to conduct business on the sly. As a result, it can be difficult to find information, like how escorts set their prices.

Fortunately, we’re going to walk through how escorts charge for their XXX services. Just remember, each escort may have his or her own considerations and needs and you may be charged one price for girls and another for ladyboys. There’s someone for everyone, but everything comes at its own price.


How Escorts Set Prices

As with many things you get in life, you often get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a classy, intelligent escort who can wow you with her conversation and then provide you with a truly happy ending, you may have to pay a bit more. If you’re simply looking for a quick fuck, you may be able to find an escort who will let you pound that pussy, no questions asked, for much less.

At the end of the day, the most extraordinary experiences are often more expensive. A five-star restaurant serving sushi and steak is going to charge more than your typical fast-food joint. And while fast food has its purpose and can satisfy your cravings, you’re not going to compare a dollar burger to filet mignon cooked to perfection.

Of course, figuring out why fine dining costs so much more than fast food is pretty straight forward. You’re paying for better ingredients, more skilled cooks, and an upscale setting. Determining how escorts set prices can be more difficult, but with proper analysis we can provide clarity.

Before digging in any further, it’s important to remember that escorts have the right to set whatever prices they want. After all, it’s the escort’s body and she or he can choose what to do with it. Never argue with escorts.

You might try some friendly negotiation to secure a better rate, but if he or she declines, you should move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea and with a bit of effort, you’re likely to find an escort that fits your budget and satisfies your carnal needs. Choosing a reputable Bangkok escort agency like Absolute Angels Bangkok would be the easiest way to find your dream escort willing to do anything you’re in the mood for.


Looks Are a Factor, But Never the Sole Determinant

More attractive escorts often charge a higher price. This should come as no surprise. People want to have sex with people they’re attracted to. Thus, an especially attractive escort is likely to enjoy more demand than a less eye-pleasing escort.

Ultimately, there’s a limited supply of beautiful people, and a lot of demand for sex. Still, looks alone rarely determine the prices an escort sets. Quality isn’t skin deep. An escort who can perform well in the bed or provide excellent oral pleasure is also likely to enjoy increased demand.


New Call Girls Often Charge Less But May Offer Less Skill

Many escorts getting into the business sometimes set their prices rather low. This may because they don’t know their true value, or because they need to earn money quickly. They may also be trying to build a steady client list or trying to accomplish something else.

With newbie escorts, an affordable price doesn’t always mean poor service. That said, some newer call girls may lack confidence and may not have built up their skills and talents yet. Practice makes perfect, and as an escort gains experience, she often hones talent and acquires skills. And don’t forget, there’s no such thing as a bad blowjob. Watching any Thai babe sucking on your cock while rubbing your balls is a fun time and places like Absolute Angels Bangkok has Thai babes ready and waiting for you right now.


Intelligence Often Comes at a Price

These days, many people are looking for more than a quick hookup with their escort. Emotional and intellectual engagement is important too. That’s why many clients now opt for the girlfriend experience. For example, you might enjoy dinner and a movie before hitting the sack. Intelligence can go a long way on date night.

Even if you want to skip the date and jump right into bed, you may appreciate a dash of extra smarts for the pillow talk afterwards. While many people are bright, geniuses and the like rare. And often, intelligent escorts enjoy higher demand.

Also, keep in mind that intelligence often comes at a price. Some of the sharpest, most intelligent escorts are also well-educated and may hold a high paying day job. College costs money, and if an escort is getting paid well at her day job, she may expect higher rates for her nighttime work.

That said, you will find intelligent, well-educated escorts in Thailand, Amsterdam, and other places. They may demand a bit more, but you’ll often find yourself getting a great deal anyway.


Charming Escorts Are Often More Expensive Too

Some people simply have that charming “it” factor that makes them irresistible. It might be the smart laugh, or the sultry compliments. Or perhaps the escort has an amazing sense of humor. Charm is hard to quantify and is often something that comes naturally to some.

Like beauty and intelligence, however, there’s a limited number of charming escorts. Demand is higher and charming escorts can use their personal skills to build client lists and demand higher prices.


Location, Location, Location

An escort in Amsterdam or Rome is likely going to cost more than an escort in Bangkok or the Philippines. A beautiful, highly talented escort in Thailand may charge less than her Parisian counterpart simply because costs of living and overall market rates are much different. A thousand dollars won’t last long in London. In Thailand, however, a thousand dollars is a middle-class wage and can afford locals a comfortable lifestyle.

Escort prices often reflect local market conditions. As with everyone else, escorts have to buy food, pay for an apartment, put gas in the car, and whatever else. The more they have to pay to live comfortably, the more they’re likely to charge.


Healthcare Can Be Pricey

Many escorts undergo regular STD checks. Unfortunately, if proper protection isn’t used, the escort can be exposed to dangerous diseases. And while many professional escorts are serious about protection, regular STD checkups are still wise.

Of course, health screenings aren’t always free and if the escort is paying for his or her own tests, she’s likely going to pass on the cost to clients in the form of higher prices. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you should only engage escorts who take their health seriously and who are regularly screened for STDs.

Keep in mind too that sex work is a somewhat dangerous profession owing to the risk of diseases and other factors. Higher risk jobs generally pay more.


Value-Added Services

Some escorts charge extra for certain services. For example, an escort may ask more for giving you a without a condom. Or an escort may be willing to have anal sex but may add a surcharge for this. Ultimately, the more value an escort adds, the more she’s likely to charge.


Paid by the Hour

Engaging an escort for a quick one-hour session back at the hotel room is likely to be cheaper than hiring an escort to provide the girlfriend experience throughout the weekend. Many jobs pay by the hour, and if an employee works overtime, he or she may also expect to be paid more. The same is true for escorts, the longer they work, the more they expect to be paid.


Paying Someone Else a Cut

Some escorts now use apps and other sites like Absolute Angels Bangkok to find and book clients. In some cases, these sites charge escorts to put up a listing, but they also ensure their escorts are healthy and that they serve you and your needs as best they can.

In other cases, escorts join booking agencies that handle client bookings, marketing, and more. The best agencies will also help workers get STD tests and otherwise watch out for their health and safety.

These costs are then passed onto customers. Often, added costs are outside the control of the escort. Even if the rates don’t seem fair, remember that your companion may not be the one setting them.


Keep All the Factors in Mind When Hiring an Escort

We’ve outlined some of the most common considerations escorts take into account when setting prices. Now you can start looking for an escort of your own to find out what she’s willing to do and for how much. And remember, the best part about hiring a Thai escort is you don’t have to be shy. Tell her what you want and she’ll tell you what it will cost. It’s as easy as that. Visit Absolute Angels Bangkok now to start looking for your next good time.


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