30 June 2020

Guaranteed Safe and Fun Sex in Thailand

Safe and Fun Sex in Thailand

Sex work is often called the world’s “oldest” profession. Of course, we can’t say that’s true with complete certainty, but selling sex is one of the oldest professions. The vast majority of adults want to have sex and can have sex. So right off the bat, an adult can provide another adult with something they want (namely: having sex). 

In other words, it was very easy for people to trade sex for something else. So, if a woman was hungry, and a guy had some extra food, she could trade sex for a meal. It’s impossible to say what (or when) the first sex trade was for, but food and other essentials were likely traded many years ago. 

These days, you’re not going to get many escorts to trade sex for a cheap meal. Even if you treat your special friend to dinner, it’ll be part of the larger experience

Sex has come a long way too. For a long time, the sex trade largely went through brothels. These days, many people prefer the privacy of their own home or a hotel room. And the Internet makes it a lot easier to find legitimate escorts that fit your exact taste and desires. 

At the same time, hustles have long been a problem, so the risk of getting taken advantage has arguably increased as well. Fortunately, by taking your time and exercising a bit of caution, you can greatly reduce the risks. You’ll also ensure that you have a good time.


Finding the Right Escort: Take Things slow and Find What You Want

Hired sex is supposed to be a quick and easy alternative to dating. In most ways that’s true. However, that doesn’t mean you should rush into hiring a hookup. 
Yes, hiring an escort will likely be a lot quicker than building a relationship with someone. But, generally speaking, you don’t want to hop on the computer at 11 PM hellbent on having a girl (or Ladyboy!) over to your place within an hour.

First, consider what you’re looking for. Is there a particular experience that will arouse your desires? Maybe you want to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new like BDSM (bondage and discipline, submission and masochism), anal play (pegging), anal sex, group sex or enjoying a wild, hardcore and kinky bisexual girl duo or bisexual girl and Ladyboy duo. By taking your time and trusting a reputable agency like Absolute Angels Bangkok, you can figure out what you really want.

Or maybe you have a dream girl (or Ladyboy) in mind. Perhaps there’s a specific ethnicity, hair color, body type, or whatever else you’d like to indulge in. If you rush and simply pay for the first escort you can find, you’ll likely be left unsatisfied.


Check for a Stellar Reputation

Next, you want to do a bit of research to see if you can find anything out about the specific Bangkok escort agency you’re considering. Absolute Angels Bangkok is proud to be the premier agency for Thailand’s most beautiful escorts and has been the trusted source for safe fun, for the past several years.

Unfortunately, not all agencies stand behind their reputation like AAB. Some unscrupulous agencies and escorts try to game the system. They’ll leave fake positive reviews, and some may even leave fake negative reviews for their competitors. It’s best to stick with an agency you trust.

First, as you’re reading positive reviews, check to see if they sound real or if they sound like cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste reviews. Next, check the negative reviews. Are the complaints detailed? Is there an emerging pattern (i.e. always late, wants to leave early, etc.)?

Older, established agencies like Absolute Angels are often the safest choice. They’ve been around for a while for good reason: they provide excellent service and have pleased clients year after year. And a reputable, established agency also won’t tolerate escorts who rip off their customers.

Make sure you ask the agency or escort about safe sex and their STD testing policy. Absolute Angels Bangkok has always mandated and maintained regular testing. 


Be Safe and Communicate

Find the girl (or Ladyboy) of your dreams? Congrats! Make sure you communicate with this potential paramour exactly what you want, and how much (in total) you’ll pay. Set the expectations plainly and make sure they understand. 

Sometimes it helps to have them repeat what you want, so you can confirm. Effective upfront communication can save you from a lot of headaches later on. Effective communication help you avoid disappointment and ensure a good overall experience. 

Also, always (always, always) make sure you use protection. While the risk of catching an STD from a Thai escort is generally low, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Do I Have to Worry About the Police?

Sex work is generally tolerated and not prosecuted in Thailand. In fact, the sex trade is an integral part of the Thai economy and Bangkok alone is home of thousands of sex workers. So long as you avoid seedier establishments and don’t partake in any kind of use of drugs, you’ll be just fine.

When you do hear about busts, it’s often because of drug use, sexual slavery (which is always wrong, every relationship, paid or otherwise, should be based on consent), or some other illegal activities. It’s wise to stay away from any of these illegal activities. 

The Thai police will likely turn a blind eye to sex work as long as it is done in a professional, private and discreet manner and does not bring shame or embarrassment to Thai people.  Ordering an escort online from a trustworthy and reputable escort agency, sent to your 3, 4, or 5 Star hotel or high-class condo is the best and safest option.


Relax, Have Fun

So long as you take your time, work with reputable parties, and avoid anything that’ll get you in trouble, you should have a great time. Thailand is a leading tourism destination, both for sex tourists and others, for good reason. It’s a lovely, safe country with beautiful and friendly people. So, relax, take in the sights, hire an Absolute Angels escort tonight, and have fun!

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