26 March 2020

How to Stay Busy During a Lockdown

Stay Busy During Lockdowns

It really does feel like the end of the world, doesn’t it? Day by day more news breaks that seem like they were written by a team of Hollywood film producers. We want to address all of our clients to make sure you’re all staying safe, keeping well and looking after yourself both emotionally and physically. This is a challenging time for all of us but we want to reassure as many of you as possible that there will be light at the end of the tunnel! 

For now, though, the reality is that many of us are locked away in our homes, with little to do and a lot of free time on our hands. if you’re one of those people, we want to help take your mind of everything just for a little while and give you some things to do and look forward to in the coming months!


Learn Thai!

According to our google analytics traffic, only 12% of our users access our site from Thailand. That means the majority of you are international tourists travelling to Thailand and want to see what we have before arriving here. It may seem like a huge challenge but spending an hour a day learning a new language has a multitude of benefits that surpass escort booking and holidays! It is a skill that will stick with you for life. 

There are a number of free online courses that you can enrol in to learn a new language and being trilingual myself I know the challenges that come with them, My personal recommendation would be to start with an app like Duolingo. Duolingo is free to use and has 100 million users worldwide. They have different variants of difficulty as you move through the course, so you’re always expanding your knowledge. 

However, I would always recommend that when learning a new language you do not just stick to one form of information. One of the ways I learned Thai was through media, such as television and youtube videos. Watching native people speak their native language in a conversational way can actually rapidly speed up your development as you gain a better grasp of sentence structure and tones of voice. There are a great number of Thai music videos available on youtube, with literal translations available also here is one of my favourites - Kamikaze

Even if you only manage to grasp the basics, you’ll find the people of Thailand really do appreciate when you make an effort to learn the language, especially escorts. Think of how many tourists fly to Thailand each year and expect everyone to speak English and even get frustrated when they don’t. Having a little understanding goes a long way in making long-lasting and meaningful relationships. 


Plan a road trip through the Country 

Thailand is filled with incredible places to visit that stretch so much further than the tourist spots so frequently visited. This is also where your new grasp on the Thai language will come in handy! Parts of rural Thailand are relatively untouched by the tourism industry and it is here where you will find the real essence of the country. From the old temples to the offbeat floating bars off the coasts, there is so much more to this great nation than tuk-tuk rides and markets. One of my personal favourite places is Ayutthaya, which is home to crumbling ruins and religious temples which is protected through world heritage status. Best of all, it is just a short train ride from Bangkok! 


Learn to Cook Thai food!

There is growing movement across the world of Thai food quickly becoming a go-to for takeaways and treats but Thai food can be easily made at home! One of the greatest things about Thai cuisine is that it has not changed for hundreds of years at the core of most meals, is a combination of fresh vegetables and spices that make up the core of most dishes. Most Thai dishes are prepared and cooked within 30 mins and have enough heat to blow your socks off. For more recipes and instructions here are some of the best guides to follow!

BBC Good Food - Thai Red Curry 

Remember that whatever you are doing in isolation, it is important to keep your mind thinking ahead. Brighter days are not far away. Stay safe and look after each other and follow the Governments advice. 

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