23 October 2018

Some of the Creepiest Thai Myths and Creatures

Some of the Creepiest Thai Myths and Creatures

With October presenting the spookiest holiday of the year when you finally go and visit Thailand, you may want to remember that (around this time of the month) there may be spirits wandering around the busy market streets. There is always something more going on than meets the eye, especially if you come to Thailand for a hunt for ghost, spirits or the occasional urban legends. Here are some of the creepiest urban legends and creatures that may be roaming closer to you than you actually think.

Nang Taneee

Everyone loves the attention they can get from a beautiful woman, especially if they are one of the Gorgeous Escorts from the agency Absolute Angels Bangkok, but some beautiful women you see hanging around the more rural areas of Thailand may introduce more fatalistic passions to your life than you can even imagine.


Nang Tanee (though her name is often spelt differently in alternative versions of the legend) a spirit that is the captive of a banana tree due to her bad karma from the previous life forcing her to remain in the tree to pray for redemption.


She is happy when men come into her forests and is even known to bed them. However, is common in a monogamous relationship, she will be angry if her new lover is unfaithful and does not spend the correct amount of time with her. If you fail to remain loyal to her, then she will hunt you down and you will "disappear".


Unlike some of the other ghosts that will appear on this list, she sometimes can actually be quite benevolent despite her murderous ways. She is known to feed lost month and protect women who are abused by their husbands. But unless you intend to keep a fully committed relationship to this ghost without any wandering eyes, it is best to avoid this ghost if you are wandering in a Thai forest!


There is a saying in Thailand in regards to spiritualism and the appearance of Thai Ghosts: "Do not believe - but do not offended - the spirits. This is because whilst there are benevolent spirits, the more malicious ones can bring unspeakable misfortune to those who angry them.


Krasue is one of the most malicious spirits in Thai folklore. Her story goes that she was once a beautiful woman that was burned to death. Due to this, she is always hungry and whilst she walks around in the day as a normal woman, she scours the night as a detached head with her entrails dangling below. She searches for pregnant women or newborn children to eat but will settle for animals if she cannot find a suitable target. This is why Thai people make sure not to leave things outside in the night time, for you may find a blood stain from her mouth on the object in question.


Krasue is one of the most well-known Thai-ghosts, so much so that she has appeared in a number of movies like "Krasue Mom" and "Ghost." So, if you do end up going out on a date in Thailand, this may be a spooky way of enhancing your October Visit.



The Common Man's Ghost: The Pret

This is the sort of spirit that may be hidden away at a Thai market or along a lightly populated route back to your hotel. The Pret are the souls of ungrateful and materialistic people that have been reincarnated. Each Pret is extremely tall and are always hungry. However, it can never be satiated due to its tiny, pinhole mouth. It earned this mouth by talking back to its previous parents.


These creatures may be horrifying in their appearance, but they are not creatures of malice. Instead, Thai culture treats them with pity due to their fate of begging for forgiveness for their sins. There is even a celebration in southern Thailand to feed these creatures to ease their suffering for a short time by donating food to them.



Unload that spirit off your chest!

Whilst in the Western World, Sleep Paralysis can be a horrible infliction where the victim is paralyzed whilst they are in the process of waking up, thus they cannot speak or move. However, for those that believe in Thai folklore, there is a much more malevolent spirit at play.


Phi Am is a ghost who sits on the victim's chest whilst they sleep. This can cause discomfort, heaviness and even death to those they choose. There is only one way to avoid them: by putting on lipstick whilst you sleep. The Phi Am does not attack women, though be warned, she may grow angry and more malevolent if you have a beard. This trick only works to some extent!



The Spooky Future of Thailand and China

Thailand is an area that is drenched in tradition and culture. When you finally decide to visit it, you will see that many of these ghost stories do overlap into the present day, especially if you are visiting a rural part of Thailand or China. Be respectful and enjoy learning about the ancient superstition. From this, you will certainly return home with some spooky stories to tell your friends and partners!

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