11 March 2020

Songkran 2020 - Fun Thailand Festival

Songkran 2020 - Fun Thailand Festival

Songkran - The Famous Thai New Year Festival


Although Thailand celebrated the New Year on Jan 1st, they have another festival coming up in April. Songkran, a celebration tied to the Buddhist calendar, was the official Thai New Year until 1940. Now it is a 3-day public holiday beginning on Monday, 13 April.


In traditional celebration, many Thai people welcome the new year by cleaning their houses. Though fairly mundane, this activity provides an opportunity for families to spend time together. Particular focus is placed on depictions of Buddha, with families making sure that every image or statue is immaculate. It is also believed that an unclean home will bring bad luck in the coming year, so make sure to tidy up before getting involved in the celebrations!


Speaking of celebrations, you can expect to get very wet. During Songkran, crowds gather to take part in the festivities, which basically amount to large scale water fights. So, if you’re visiting Thailand during this time, you’re bound to get drenched! This form of celebration originated from the practice of sprinkling water over a statue of Buddha during Songkran. Symbolically, it was thought to wash away bad luck and sins from the past year. Modern-day participants must feel very unlucky and sinful if they require a three-day soak! Or, perhaps they just enjoy cooling down during the country’s hottest month. In addition to the water wars, there will be traditional parades, featuring large images of Buddha for the crowd to, you guessed it, shower with scented water.


The real hub for these activities is, of course, the capital, Bangkok, with several roads expected to be closed. Many of which will be littered with water guns and buckets, ready for use. If you’re planning a visit, take some time to check out Silom, the 5km long street that features firetrucks ready to douse the huge crowds. It is generally considered the heart of Bangkok’s Songkran celebrations, so make sure to not miss out on the great atmosphere, food and beer!


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