26 November 2019

The Thai Massage Guide

Thai Massage

Have you always wondered what are the subtle differences between the different types of Thai massages? Are you interested in booking a Thai massage but have no idea where to start or what to ask for? Then fear not, we are here to answer your questions and be your guide through the confusing world of massage! 

What is a Thai massage? 

Thai massage is one of the oldest and most practised forms of massage in the world, originating up to 2500 years ago. Funnily enough, despite the misleading name, Thai massage is thought to have originated in India, during the time of Buddha. As Buddhism made its way through Thailand, so did the practice of Thai massage. 

The act of Thai Massage is actually rather simple. The masseuse will use almost all parts of her body to stretch, kneed and stretch the entire body. This includes all four limbs, the back, the head and neck and also the feet. The practice is intended to not only relax but also to enhance one’s physical capabilities after the massage. 

What are the benefits of a Thai Massage 

There are plenty of benefits to Thai massage, both physically and mentally. It is said that receiving massages regularly can help to improve range of motion, which is why this form of treatment is so popular among sportspeople. If you find yourself feeling aches and pains in overworked parts of your body, Booking a Thai massage could be the answer to your prayers. It is also said that Thai massage can also stimulate circulation, which in turn can help with blood clots, dull pains and muscle stiffness. 
Regardless of your reasoning, a Thai massage will pretty much adhere to each and every individual in a different way. Whatever it is that you’re looking to get out of a Thai massage booking, let your masseuse know and she can cater to your individual needs. 

Different types of Thai Massage Available 

The great part is about Thai massage is that there is almost an unlimited number of variants for you to explore. Here at Absolute Angels, we believe that catering to each and every need. We have escorts that offer a wide range of different types of Thai massage. Because of the sheer number, you would be forgiven for being confused between the slight differences between them. Thankfully, we have compiled a description of what you can expect from every type of Thai massage. 
Tantric Massage - At the core, of any tantric massage, is to awaken sexual energy. The goal is to increase blood flow to all areas of your body and maintain a high level of spiritual awareness. This is normally achieved by a completely seductive and erotic session seductive massage to the point of true climax. Tantric is an umbrella term for many forms of Thai massage so make sure if you’re looking for additional services you make it clear.

Testicle Massage - this one is a little more self-explanatory. A Thai testicle massage focuses on a massage of the testicles, usually with the use of oil. The benefits of a testicle massage are endless. From the increased blood flow which is reported to help with erectile dysfunction, to the increased amount of testosterone, a Thai testicle massage could be exactly what you need to get you feeling right again. 

Nuru Massage - Also known as “body slide” is the practice of using one’s body with the aid of nuru oil. Originating in Japa, The body slide massage has risen in popularity over the past couple of years and is now a standard in the industry. If you want to try a new form of massage that you will never forget then Nuru massage is the perfect massage to get your blood flowing. 

Prostate massage -  A massage that focuses on the prostate and surrounding area. Again, just like the testicle massage, comes with many different health benefits. It is well known that the male g-spot is located in the prostate and a massage in this area can help achieve complete and utter satisfaction. 

Body to Body Massage - Similarly to the Nuru this involves the escort massaging you with their body, they will lay down on you and press their body into yours in many different positions in order to give you a relaxing time. Your entire body will feel a lot better after this massage, you will feel all the pressure leave your shoulders and your bones will feel a lot better.

Oil Massage - Having your body covered with oil has never felt so good, all of our escorts who offer this particular service are complete masters at massaging your body with the inclusion of different scented oils. They say that many of these are an aphrodisiac which will help you when you spend some sexy time with these ladies, and partaking in the more hardcore experiences with them. Your body will be fully touched and made sure that you have all the oil seeping into your pores, revitalising your skin and getting you primed for a more erotic experience.

Soapy Massage - When you take part in a soapy massage you will feel your soul leave your body due to the pleasurable sensation of being washed and washing any of our Soapy massage escorts. Then you can proceed to a mattress which will be fully comfortable after which you will be sponged until your arousal reaches a melting point. Having a sexy girl fully immerse you in a massage that can not only please you sexually but improve your health is a wonderful proposition.

Book a Thai massage with one of our gorgeous girls today 

There are a multiple of reasons why you should book a Thai massage but really only one agency you should book with. Not only are all our girls highly skilled but they are also incredibly beautiful. You will never be disappointed with an Absolute angels massage therapist, many of which are available tonight! Just give a call and we can make the rest fall into place, see you soon!

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