17 November 2018

Historical Monuments in Thailand

Historical Monuments in Thailand

Thailand Tourism- Some of the Best Historical Monuments to see with your Escort


Feeling confused about where to take an escort on a date?


Whether you are an international tourist or a local history lover, it is always fun to spend a date visiting a special place of historical significance. Thailand possesses a culture that is steeped in history and tradition. From its beaches to its town centers, there is always a hidden landmark that is in plain sight. So, instead of taking out your "Absolute Angels" escort on a shopping date, restaurant or cafe trip, why not take her on a day trip to a pre-historical site? That way you can bond over the experience, as well as learn something new about the city and its past.


Starting with Thailand's Prehistoric Culture


If you want to travel to a historical site that is actually quite a peaceful place, why not start your journey by visiting Kamphaeng Phet with your escort.


With temples that are over 700 years old, the 14th centuries temples and giant Buddha statues are certainly an eyeful. The area houses a full historical city that can be explored. With a closer inspection, you may even be able to spot a number of rock paintings of the Buddha in the nearby rocks and caves. These were used to provide shelter for ancient Buddhist Monks. These can be still seen today and can provide a great shelter from the sunlight. However, do be careful to never climb onto anything that looks like a Buddha, as these statues are sacred.


If you and your escort decide to stay for the full day in Kamphaeng Phet, then be sure to visit the Night Market and the Phra Ruang Hot Spring.


With its five natural hot spots, the legend of these springs is that luck will be brought to those who bathe within them. That is exactly the sort of luck that will only bode well for your date, so make sure that your escort has packed their bathing suit so they can plunge into the water alongside you. The Hot springs will be a fantastic way for you both to get to know each other and perhaps doing a bit of cuddling if the spark between you has really been lit.


Historical Parks and Greenery


For a normal couple, a romantic date can consist of a quick trip to the park with a picnic. But when in Thailand, the parks are far greater than a small patch of grass and a few trees. Take your date out to a historical park that displays some of Thailand's greatest ancient treasures, statues and historical influences. Here are some suggestions of the places that you can go if you are interested in visiting a cultural park:


⦁             Phu Phra Bat historical park - A pre-historic park with incredible rock structures and cave paintings of the Buddha. It is a place with a sense of mystery, a primaeval force... of those who lived long ago.

⦁             Ayutthaya Historical Park- A park with ruins of one of the greatest empires in Thailand.

⦁             Sukhothai Historical Park- Consisting of the ruins of a temple and the palace of the first independent Thai Kingdom

⦁             Si Satchanalai Historical Park- Hosting the ruins of a historical vassal town


When you and your consort visit these parks, not only will you enjoy a great day out in a fantastic environment, but you will feel the weight of history dawning upon you, as each great statue and ruin is layered in the culture of the Thai people.


The Temple of Doi Suthep


If you are tired of nature’s wonders, perhaps an urban monument may be the perfect place for you and your date to spend the day together. Doi Suthep is one of Thailand’s most sacred gems; a place of religious worship, intricate statues, golden temples, as well as a thriving tourist trade.


However, instead of taking your date to buy the common trinket of the markets, why not marvel as the Hmong culture presents you with handwoven textiles, scarfs and clothing. These items are priceless and are far a far better gift for your date than a pair of sunglasses or a fridge magnet.

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