22 October 2018

Date Ideas for Couples in Thailand

Date Ideas for Couples in Thailand

Are you ready for Romance?

Whether you are exploring Thailand with your partner or have found your dream escort to take out on a date from Absolute-Angels Bangkok, Thailand is quite the romantic area to visit if you are looking for an intimate way to spend some time with your loved ones. Instead of simply roaming around the market streets looking for a restaurant, here are some ideas to add some passion to your trip.


A Trip to the Beach

When it comes to romance, Phuket is one of the main areas in Thailand that tourists flock to. Boasting around 5.3 million tourists roaming around its streets each year, this is not surprising due to the fact that it contains some of the most beautiful beaches and mountain ranges in Thailand. During the day, you and your partner (or escort) can relax on the soft white sand, whilst enjoying the local cuisine of barbecued chicken, or just taking a dip together, whilst at night you can experience Phuket's top-notch party life.

Whether you want to relax or party, it is perfect to fit in some cuddling time as you are drying off on your towel.


Finding a Thai Massage

There's a reason why the Thai Massage is such a famous form of therapeutic relaxation around the world. There are a number of different ways that this massage is formed, however for couples you can both receive the massage together with aromatic oils and aligned massage beds.

Some of the massage parlours even take it one step further, trying to make it more "exotic" for their clients by providing a private bath or hot spring and a steam room for you both. Once you and your partner have stripped and dipped yourself in the steamy water, you will be taken to the treatment room to be pampered. It is the perfect way to get you both ready for the romantic night ahead.


A Romantic Village for the Day

For the Hungry Back Packers, some of their fondest memories occurred whilst they were exploring "Bang Rak Neighborhood," which actually translates to "The Village of Love." The reason the village is titled like this is that it houses a diverse array of people from different cultures, meaning that the food in this village is all extremely unique.

If you and your partner are ready to take a culinary adventure, then this village is certainly the place to tingle your taste buds. You will have the chance to taste:

  • Thai and Chinese Tea

  • Papaya Salad

  • Chinese Duck

  • Green Curry

  • Pork Skewers

  • Fried Bananas

So go wild and get adventurous, for you never know what you may find next up on your plate when you visit Thailand. All that is certain is that it will be delicious.


Visit the Wildlife

If you want a romantic outing in Thailand, then you and your partner may need to get down and dirty to find it. Though, if you want to avoid trekking the jungle trees to find some local wildlife, why not visit the mysterious Anantara Golden Triangle, where you can find a laid-back retreat that faces an award-winning elephant conservation camp.

Not only will you and your loved one be pampered with drinks, but this means you can go and visit these gentle giants and feed them. You can go out with your partner to see them on sunset treks, try out some elephant yoga together, or even undergo mahout training courses where you can learn how to ride, clean and steer the animals.

Whilst some of these courses may appear a bit more active than others, you can pick which activity you want to do and stick to it. You and your partner are in full control in regards to what sort of retreat you want to experience.

At the end of the day, you can always end it with a glass of wine and a romantic sunset.

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