16 March 2019

Top 10 Gay Experiences in Bangkok

Top 10 Gay Experiences in Bangkok

As one of the most tolerant, friendly, and open-minded cities in the world, it’s no surprise that Bangkok has become an epicenter of queer travel. This cosmopolitan city is one of the most popular international destinations for gay, lesbian, and transsexual travelers, offering a wide range of experiences in addition to its vibrant culture, incredible cuisine, and awe-inspiring landmarks. If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok and are interested in packing your itinerary with fun, memorable gay experiences, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

To help you put together a travel plan that makes the most of your time in Thailand, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten gay experiences in Bangkok. There’s something for everyone, including thrilling nightlife hotspots, trendy shopping, luxurious spa retreats, and more. Here are just a few of the fun activities and destinations you’ll have to look forward to when you arrive in the suitably-nicknamed “Land of Smiles.”


  1. The Calypso Cabaret Show is a gay Thai institution, hosting many of the country’s most talented drag and transgender artists. Here, you can enjoy an evening of high-caliber entertainment, including incredible performances by some of the best-known names in the LGBT community of Thailand. Bangkok is famous for its heralded community of ladyboys, and the Calypso Cabaret Show is an ideal place to experience all that they have to offer.
  2. At the So Thai Spa Bangkok, you can experience the ultimate in relaxation and pampering, the perfect antidote to a busy day of exploring the city’s tourist highlights. This luxurious spa is known for being extremely gay-friendly and has earned rave reviews for its beautiful environment and highly professional staff. Choose from a wide variety of rejuvenating treatments, including Thai massages performed by well-trained masseuses who are masters of their craft.
  3. A night out at DJ Station in the Silom neighborhood is a must for any gay traveler. This three-story club is nestled in a busy cul-de-sac in Silom Sol 2, attracting locals and tourists alike with its fun-loving atmosphere and party-ready attitude. Every night, the fun is kicked off with performances by DJ Station’s lip-syncing divas, turning up the heat with talented male dancers quickly appearing everywhere you look. You’ll get to rub elbows with many of Bangkok’s most beautiful at this iconic pillar of Thai’s gay scene.
  4. Spending the day at Babylon is another travel experience you won’t want to miss, especially as you put together your list of the best gay-centric experiences in Bangkok. Officially advertised as Bangkok’s “gay hotel,” this large men’s complex has plenty to offer. You can choose to stay at Babylon throughout the duration of your trip, or just enjoy a morning or afternoon exploring its many amenities. Check out the pool, restaurants, gym, and wet and dry saunas for a relaxing few hours away from the busy city.
  5. Attending a “Trasher Party” in Bangkok is a legendary experience for both locals and visitors, the kind of evening that will go down as one of the most unique parties of your life. Events are announced solely via social media or word of mouth, taking place at different locations around the city and each focusing on a fun theme. For example, you might find yourself at an “80s Popstars” party, dressed up in your best 1980s glam and applauding the best-dressed as they climb onstage.
  6. Grabbing a drink at Tawan Go-Go Bar will satisfy your thirst for good drinks and gorgeous eye candy, with the establishment welcoming patrons with a diverse selection of male hosts and dancers. It’s one of the most popular gay go-go bars in the city, bringing in crowds and turning up the fun every night. Tawan is regular host to fun, on-stage show ups, providing exciting entertainment in addition to its laidback, party-friendly vibe.
  7. Enjoy an upscale experience at Chakran Sauna, the self-described “house of Asian heartthrobs since 1999.” This upper-class, gay-centric sauna is known for its tasteful décor and exquisite style, with a classy Mediterranean feel that provides a unique contrast to its Bangkok surroundings. Spend your day bouncing between the sauna, restaurant, lounge, and gym, enjoying the peaceful privacy and open-minded attitude at this gay hot spot. Bring a companion to enhance your experience, spending quality time in the sultry sauna and refueling with a chef-prepared meal and drinks.
  8. Venture to the Suriwong and Patpong neighborhoods to step outside your comfort zone and explore Bangkok’s sinful side. These famous red-light districts offer a night out like you’ve never had before, stopping by risqué go-go bars and providing endless entertainment for visitors. While there are other well-known adult entertainment districts throughout Bangkok, Patpong enjoys a certain level of fame thanks to its appearance in James Bond film, as well as its status as the birthplace of Thai go-go culture.
  9. Stroll down Soi Twilight, a street on Surawong Road that’s home to many of the city’s busiest go-go bars. Here, you can experience the exciting, fluorescent-lit scenery that’s nothing short of sensational, with regular on-street appearances by flirtatious go-go dancers, street performers, and more. There’s something to see everywhere you turn, and plenty of friendly bars where you can stop in for a cheap drink.
  10. See a show at Classic, a one-of-a-kind go-go bar that features the sexy “mermen” know as Bangkok’s “Water Boys.” These underwater dancers put on a performance unlike any you’ve seen before, giving new meaning to the idea of synchronized swimming.


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