21 June 2018

Top 5 Night Markets in Bangkok, Thailand

Top 5 Night Markets in Bangkok, Thailand

In today's article, I’m going to go over the top five markets that you can visit during the evenings in Bangkok whilst spending time with our Bangkok escorts. These can comprise of many different stalls that include food, clothing, antiques and all sorts of other things that might interest you. One thing we do have to mention is that during the night you might find things a little cheaper due to the influx of new goods coming in at the early hours of the morning. So, really you have the best of both worlds if you choose to shop in the evenings in Bangkok.

Rod Fai or Train Market

This market received its name from the original market that was located near the train tracks on the outskirts of Bangkok. This market is a foodie haven that provides some of Bangkok's best foods and they're not exactly extortionate as well. You’ll find that this market is much closer to the city than the original market as the original is about 30-45 minutes away in a taxi. In the evenings this market is a colourful and vibrant area that seems to draw local and tourist alike. Ratchada Road, near the Esplanade Mall and Thailand Cultural Centre MRT

Chatuchak the Weekend Market

This is arguably the most visited and well-known market in all of Bangkok. You’ll find thousands of stalls here with arguably tens of thousands of visitors each weekend. One of the biggest markets in Bangkok that you can literally find anything at, there is an abundance of variety of clothes, food, animals, antiques and artwork. This market might be a bit pricier than most as they are geared more towards tourists, however, in Bangkok we know that everything is negotiable which is perfect for the sort of organized chaos that this market really is. Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, near the Mo Chit BTS

Pak Khlong Talat the Flower Market

If you’re with a loved one or feeling romantic with a date then you can always come to this special and romantic marketplace in Bangkok. The flower market is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to switch up things if you’re exhausted from the other markets. One of the most vibrant markets in Bangkok which is going to increase your flowery delights for sure as this market really does esthetically please and the aromas of the flowers are just truly wonderful. Chakphet Road and Saphan Phut near Memorial Bridge on the riverside, best to access via taxi

Indy Night Market

This market within Bangkok is mostly known throughout Thailand as the fashion and accessories market. Despite being a bit small compared to the other markets in this area it’s the best place for any homemade and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else around the globe. You’ll find that this market can be quite cheap as well as most items cost less than 100 Baht and there is always a sale on some items. The Platinum Street (in front of the Platinum Fashion Mall) 222 Petchaburi-Tudmai Road, BTS Chitlom Station

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