16 July 2020

Travel Updates: Thailand Loosening Travel Restrictions

Thailand Loosening Travel Restrictions

Many countries, cities, and regions are slowly lifting or easing their lockdowns and travel restrictions. In some places, you’ll find packed pubs, bustling shopping malls, and more. Here in Thailand, life is returning to some semblance of normal and the Thai government is starting to ease travel restrictions.

Tourism is a massive industry in Thailand, and while Thai escorts may well be the most famous in the world, the country is also home to beautiful white sand beaches, stunning temples, renowned food and more. For now, many tourists still aren’t allowed into the country, but easing restrictions may pave the way for more travel.


Traveling to Thailand: Things to Do Before You Book a Ticket

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, traveling to Thailand was relatively straightforward. Travelers from many countries could simply buy a flight ticket, fly to Thailand, and get on a stamp on arrival. Most tourists were allowed to stay for 30 days, questions seldom asked.

Now, many travelers must first obtain a “certificate of entry” from a local Thai embassy. At the moment, only 11 types of travelers are being permitted, and often you’ll also need to gather documents and information to prove that you’re one of the permitted types of travelers.

As with most international travel, you’ll also need your passport (and typically, the passport must still be valid for at least six months). Most travelers will also need a RT-PCR laboratory technique health certificate stating that they’re not at risk of COVID-19 (this applies to Types 2, 3, and 6-11 listed below). The certificate must be issued no more than 72 hours before your departure.

If you’re traveling to Thailand, you’ll need to bring your own surgical masks and hand sanitizer. Further, you’ll likely need to have health insurance that will provide coverage for at least $100,000 USD in treatment (this applies to travelers type 5-11 below).


Arriving in Thailand

Often, people who travel to Thailand can’t wait to hit up the many bars and restaurants scattered around Bangkok and elsewhere. There’s so much to do in the country, and so many beautiful temptations, that many people want to hit the ground running. With the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the government is exercising many precautions.

When you arrive, you may need to take a RT-PCR laboratory test right at the airport and you’ll have to download an app for COVID-19 incidents. Officials may also take your temperature and check for symptoms. If you’re staying for more than 14 days, you’ll also need to go into a local or state quarantine for 14 days.


Who Thailand is Letting In

Unfortunately, travel is still restricted for many people. In order to enter Thailand, you need to fall into one of the below 11 categories.

  1. Thai nationals (e.g. a Thai citizen with a Thai passport)

  2. People invited by the Prime Minister or relevant authorities to resolve emergency issues (may be subject to specific conditions and time limits).

  3. Diplomats and consular workers or employees of certain international agencies. Parents, spouses, and children of said workers may also be permitted to enter Thailand.

  4. Someone carrying necessary goods (i.e. medical supplies). However, said individuals must leave after completing delivery.

  5. Crew members that must travel to Thailand as part of a mission. Must have a specific time and date for return.

  6. Non-Thai nationals who have a Thai spouse, parent, or child.

  7. Permanent residents or people granted permission take up residence in Thailand.

  8. Non-Thai nationals who have a valid work permit or have been granted permission to work in the country. Spouses and children can also travel.

  9. Non-Thai nationals who are students at approved educational institutions, as well as parents and guardians of said students.

  10. Non-Thais seeking medical treatment (such as medical tourists). However, medical tourists can’t enter the country seeking treatment for COVID-19.

  11. Finally, non-Thai nationals permitted to enter the country under a special arrangement with a foreign country.


Unfortunately, if you’re just looking to unwind at one of Thailand’s many famous beaches, or are in need of some pleasurable company, you probably don’t qualify right now. However, it’s encouraging to see Thailand relaxing restrictions. In a few months, restrictions may be relaxed even further, especially for travelers from areas that have brought the pandemic under control.

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