16 January 2020

Western Culture and Escorts

Western Culture and Escorts

Home to a booming sex industry, Thailand welcomes countless Western tourists every year who are interested in spending time with a local escort. In Bangkok in particular, Westerners are arriving with a desire to experience not just the local culture and sights – they are seeking the sexual and emotional fulfillment offered by the city’s thriving escort agencies.

To learn more about how Western culture and the Thai escort agency have blossomed together in Bangkok, we spent time talking with the staff from Absolute Angels Bangkok. As one of Bangkok’s premier escort agencies, providing a wide range of client services to Westerners and locals alike, Absolute Angels Bangkok has an insiders’ perspective on the growing Western interest in Thai escorts.   


The interview below explores why Western men are so attracted to Thai women, the desirable aspects of the often-requested Girlfriend Experience service, Ladyboy escorts, and so much more.


Q: In Thailand, the tourist industry is huge. How much of your clients are from abroad?

A: About 99 percent of our customer base is made up of clients from overseas. Absolute Angels Bangkok clients come from all over the world, including (listed from most common to least): the UK and European countries, Asia (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India), the United States, and Australia.


Q: Why do you think Western men are attracted to Thai women?

A: In our experience, Western men typically find the follow characteristics attractive in Thai women:

  • In Asian culture, the man is given first priority and significant respect – ultimately, the man comes first. Although Asian women certainly have a certain element of submissiveness, that is also balanced by a strength that many men find extremely seductive.
  • The common physical characteristics of Asian (Thai) women, including a slim and petite physique, are considered highly attractive to many Western men.
  • Many Asian women have a clear understanding of male sexual desires, in addition to the emotional desires and needs necessary for a truly enjoyable intimate encounter.


Q: How common is it that Western men ask for GFE (Girlfriend Experience) with your escorts? And why do you think that is?

A: Nearly all of our Western clients request the Girlfriend Experience. In our experience, they are searching for an experience that’s different to the ways in which they are typically treated by Western women. Whereas Thai women believe in putting the man first, Western women are often characterized as self-sufficient and perhaps overly demanding – but our Girlfriend Experience gives clients the opportunity to try something completely different.

Ultimately, men want to be men. They want to be caregivers, bring home the bacon, provide for their loved ones, and be viewed as the “king of the household.” They want to be cared for and shown respect, but also to be put in their place when necessary – it’s a balance. Western men seem to want a sweet and slightly submissive girl that understands how to properly consider a man’s sexual needs and emotions, but not necessarily serve as a “slave,” either.

The Girlfriend Experience delivers all of this and so much more, which is why we believe it’s among our most popular services selected by our Western clients.


Q: From your experience, what are Western men looking for when they come to Thailand and use your services?

A: Ninety-five perfect of our Western client base are looking for a combination that features both a “girlfriend” aspect and a sexual experience. They want someone to spend time with, someone who will devote their focus to their needs, make it easy to have fun and relax, and then leave when the time is right. Our clients are interested in all the best aspects of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but without all the drama or long-term commitment.

Absolute Angels Bangkok has a select list of repeat clients, many of which spend time with our escorts over the span of several months and even years. There are even a few instances of clients who have ended up marrying their escort – a rare event, but one that seems to provide a fairytale ending for both of the newlyweds.


Q: Do some Western men travel to Thailand to experience Thai Ladyboys?

A: Yes, some Western men do travel to Thailand to experience a Thai Ladyboy (shemale) because they are curious. The majority of our customers who have requested Ladyboy services know what they want, and have very specific desires for body type, style, appearance, attitude, etc. For the majority of these clients, a short period of time (2-6 hours) with a Ladyboy is the perfect experience. Others choose to book for multiple days with the same Ladyboy, or spend time with multiple Ladyboy escorts over an extended period. Whether it’s simple curiosity or a desire to push their sexual boundaries, our Ladyboy clients are generally extremely satisfied with their experience.


Q: In the experience of your Ladyboy escorts, do their clients share any common characteristics?

A: No, there are not necessarily any similarities between our Ladyboy clients. These clients are diverse in both their personal experiences and desires, though they do share an interest in an incredible, fun sexual experience with a Ladyboy. For many of our Western clients, these desires cannot necessarily be satisfied in their home countries (without risk of prejudice or poor treatment), so they come to us instead.


Q: Do you have any complications running your services in Bangkok?

A: No, we have not encountered any major issues with our business. Any negative feedback we have received from clients generally reflects a lack of experience with the city of Bangkok itself. For example, traffic in Bangkok is notoriously terrible, far worse than many Western cities. It’s not unusual for a 10-kilometer taxi ride to take more than two hours due to traffic, check points, accidents, and even weather. Clients who are surprised by the city’s traffic occasionally view this challenge as a reflection of our services, expressing their frustrations in a negative review that actually has nothing to do with Absolute Angels Bangkok.


Q: Do you believe in the possibility of genuine love between Western men and Thai women? Is the fairytale ending real?

A: Yes! Many customers from the West come to Thailand not just looking for escorts. In fact, many arrive for their holiday (vacation), and unexpectedly encounter true love, whether it’s with an escort or a Thai local.

Unfortunately, the media often shares negative publicity about travelers’ experiences in Thailand, simply because bad news sells. While you may sometimes see stories about unscrupulous Thai women stealing or misleading Western men, you almost never see news about the love stories, incredible travel experiences, and more that take place in Thailand – that’s simply the nature of the media.

The reality is, Thailand (and Bangkok) is a massive, heavily-populated country, and there are far more good people than bad. The majority of escorts are working to simply support themselves and their families, often supporting children, parents, grandparents, siblings, and many others. Just like any other person working hard at their job, escorts deserve respect and courtesy from their clients. When clients (Western or otherwise) make the effort to learn the culture, understand local beliefs, and treat their Thai love interest with respect, a true fairytale ending is absolutely possible.


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