16 October 2020

Why it’s Common for Guys to Book Escorts Even While in Relationships

Why Guys in Relationships Book Escorts

You might think that men paying for sex have trouble forming relationships. However, many people in relationships also pay escorts for their services. Why? While they may be in a relationship, many guys actually report having trouble forming strong emotional bonds. And sometimes, it’s easier to form those bonds with an escort than a significant other. Go figure.

Sometimes men paying for company are unfairly portrayed as misogynists or perverts. Again, this is often a false impression. Dirk Schubotz of Queen’s University Belfas, and Susann Huschke from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, conducted an online survey and found that the majority of guys paying for sex were between the age of 31 and 50. Nearly half were also in a relationship or were married. Only 52 percent reported not being in some type of relationship.

Surprised the numbers of committed people booking escorts for intimacy are so high? Let’s look at why guys may be hiring escorts even though they’re technically tied up. The reasons may surprise you. And many guys argue that hiring an escort is one of the most honest ways to get no-strings-attached action. Who knew?


Honesty and Emotional Intimacy Drive Guys into the Arms of Escorts

Despite what you might think, a lot of guys in relationships are driven to hire an escort because they are actually lonely. While the individual may be married or at least in a relationship, that doesn’t mean he’s getting the needed intimacy, especially in regard to emotional connections. Many guys who hire fun Thai escorts report that they are in a loveless relationship.

Interestingly, a lot of guys argued that sex with an escort was actually more open and honest than a one night. They might be on to something. Some dudes may lie or misrepresent their intentions when meeting women. Some women may think that a man is interested in a long-term relationship, but the guy in question may be looking for a one-night stand, or friend with benefits, at most.

A beautiful escort, on the other hand, knows what the transaction is about. She or he may be open to a relationship, open, closed, or otherwise, but there are rarely under false pretenses and holding misconceptions. So, there’s a strong argument that hiring an escort is indeed a more honest relationship than a one-night stand.


If There’s No Love, is There Really a Relationship?

Of course, if you are cheating on a partner, you are almost certainly violating his or her trust. But is that always wrong? Life is so full of gray areas. Many guys in relationships report that they’re hiring escorts because the relationship is devoid of physical contact. Is a relationship devoid of love and physical comfort much of a relationship at all? Tied up folks may simply be going through the motions, afraid to be alone, but in truth, both parties may be better off moving on.

A date with an escort may be just want a person needs. Maybe you’re looking for some fun casual sex, or maybe you’re just looking for an interesting dinner date or a casual girlfriend experience.

And yes, many guys report that they hire escorts because they lack confidence finding a partner, or otherwise don’t have the time to do so. Many people suffer from social anxiety, and a lot of people are busy with careers and other commitments. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves intimacy.


How Many Guys Are Paying for Sex?

Afraid that paying for sex makes you a pervert? As already noted, hiring an escort is arguably more honest than one-night stands. In Thailand, roughly 75 percent of guys have paid for sex at some point. In Japan, that number is nearly 40 percent, while in Italy it reaches 45 percent. In some countries, like Cambodia, it can reach 80 percent. If that’s not common I don’t know what is.

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