21 March 2019

Girlfriend Experience Date in Bangkok

Girlfriend Experience Date in Bangkok

8 Ideas for Your Girlfriend Experience Date in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with something to offer everyone: art, history, food, nightlife, and even plenty of romance. Booking a professional girlfriend experience is one of the best additions you can make to your Bangkok travel itinerary, especially if you’re hoping to experience everything this sexy locale has to offer. For most girlfriend experience first-timers, there’s lots of anticipation surrounding the after-dark adventures awaiting them in the privacy of their hotel room.

However, your girlfriend experience fun actually begins long before the bedroom. When you book with a professional agency like Absolute Angels Bangkok, you’ll have the option of spending an extended period of time with the beautiful Thai woman of your choice. Not only will you be able to enjoy the more intimate elements of each other’s company, but you’ll also have the benefit of a gorgeous date’s companionship throughout the day and night. On a romantic date you’ll be able to get to know each other and have some flirtatious fun, so when it comes time to return to a more private setting after dark, you’ll be more than ready.

Your girlfriend experience is completely shaped according to your personal preferences, so it can be helpful to have a few ideas of what you’d like to do with your time. Here are our top eight suggestions for making the most of your girlfriend experience date in Bangkok:


  1. Relax with dinner and drinks at the Vertigo Rooftop Bar. Rising 61 stories above the glittering city of Bangkok, Vertigo Rooftop Bar offers a dining experience unlike any other. The atmosphere is chic but welcoming, making it a comfortable space to bring a date. During the evening hours, tables are lit by romantic candlelight, creating a gorgeously glowing ambiance that’s sure to set the mood. You and your date can sip a few craft cocktails and snack on appetizers while you get to know each other with some easy conversation.

  2. Take a cooking class at the Blue Elephant cooking school. Thailand is known for its delicious, flavorful cuisine, and the Blue Elephant is one of the best-known cooking schools in the country. Here, you and your date can enjoy the challenge of learning to create your own Thai dish in a private session with one of the school’s gourmet chefs. Since there won’t be any other students there, you’ll have free rein to flirt and laugh to your heart’s content.

  3. Sail down the river on an Aspara River Cruise. There are a number of companies that offer river cruises in Bangkok, but Aspara River Cruise is the one to choose if you want to treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury. With your date, you’ll be served a five-course Thai meal, seated on the boat’s open-air deck. Between the awe-inspiring views and your stunning date, you’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on as well. The romantic ambiance creates the perfect environment for casual, playful conversation.

  4. Embark on an overnight cruise to Ayutthaya. The Anantara Dream and Mekhala River Cruise are two traditional teak barges, host to river cruises that span anywhere from 24 to 48 hours and pass by several beautiful temples. Both boats provide guests with comfortable living quarters complete with luxurious bedding and hot showers, so you’ll have a private place to retire to once night sets in. During the day, you and your date will be able to get comfortable with each other, setting the stage for a memorable night on the water later on.

  5. Book a couple’s spa treatment. Bangkok is famous for its wide array of massage and spa experiences, with many high-end spas offering private couple’s treatments. With your date, you can enjoy the luxuriously relaxing pleasures of massage treatments, sauna time, and more, relishing in each other’s company and the romantic time together. Choose from treatments such as hot stone massage, hydrotherapy, and traditional Thai massage, and take advantage of some much-needed downtime.

  6. Take a private boat tour of the iconic Saduak Floating Market. At the Saduak Floating Market, merchants sell a huge variety of goods not from a land-locked booth, but rather, from small, self-paddled boats. This unique shopping experience is a Bangkok must, and taking a private boat tour offers the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time there. You’ll find an incredible variety of goods to purchase, from coconut sugar candy to share with your date to fresh tropical fruit for tomorrow’s breakfast.

  7. Sip tea at the Mandarin Oriental. The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel is a Thai icon, playing host to many celebrities and foreign dignitaries throughout the 20th century. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a bygone era, with décor staying true to the hotel’s history. Cozy up to your date while you both sip tea and share scones and sandwiches during the hotel’s tea time, making plans for the rest of your time together.


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